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What is clikr?

Clikr is a free image sharing and hosting site. Use clikr to share images with friends and family and submit them to popular sites like twitter and reddit. Clikr is also an entertainment site. Clicking on a picture will provide you with a random image. You can easily spend a good day browsing through all our public images.

How do you pronounce clikr?

Clikr is pronounced like clicker :)

What is the maximum file size?

The maximum file size you can upload is about 10 megs.

How can I help with clikr?

The best thing for the site is to share it with your friends. Use clikr to share images on your favorite forums, twitter, reddit, digg, and facebook.

How long does clikr keep the uploaded images?

Images that have less than 3 views after 1 year are removed.

Are uploaded images anonymous?

All uploaded images are anonymous however the IP address of the computer used to upload the image is stored. The only reason an image is featured in the gallery is if it's shared all over the internet. Private and NSFW images are allowed, however they are never posted to any clikr galleries or popular file lists. Your personal or otherwise compromising images will always remain private.

What types of images are not allowed?

Anything that violates the clikr terms of service.


Clikr is ad supported as unfortunatly it costs quite a bit to run an image hosting site. Banner ads will be displayed when you are browsing images, however we will not show ads if you link clikr from reddit, digg, and facebook. If you'd like to run an advertising campaign with clikr please don't hesitate to contact us.